Parish News

Praying Hands

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus have meetings every second Tuesday of the month at 6:30. They welcome new members or just the curious.

Heavenly Dusters

If you are interested ,we sure could use more heavenly dusters, linen cleaners, lectors, servers or Extraordinary Communion minsters…..please call the office and we will gladly discuss it with you.

We Need Your Help Please
Have you moved, or have you changed your Phone number? Are you new to our parish? If so, please call the office to register, or update your information. 573-438-4686

Potosi Manor would really appreciate the help of individuals who would be willing to lead the Rosary, Read to residents, lead a devotional,
sing or play musical for the residents! If anyone is willing to share a little time & talent, please contact Emily Haworth @ 573-438-3225.
(There are several Catholic residents at Potosi Manor)

  • 307 South Highway 21, Potosi, MO  63664

Have you encountered God in your own life? Won’t you share your “God Encounter”? Your encounter may be exactly what someone else needs to hear. Send your stories to:

If you want to remain unnamed, we can do that. Let’s just start sharing our stories. How are people going to know if we don’t share!!!!!

Mass Offerings
Lots of dates available!
Masses can be said for the living also; birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Come by the office or write the name & any preferred date on paper, put in envelope with your $10 & drop in drop box. If the chosen date is available, it can be scheduled for that date, if not, it will be scheduled next available date.