Parish Cemetary

St. James Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery

Also known as New St. James Catholic Cemetery

Location/Directions: Calvary Cemetery is located near the intersection of Hwy 8 and Hwy 185, just west of Potosi.


Calvary Cemetery is owned and operated by St. James Parish of Potosi, MO for the religious and charitable purposes of St. James Catholic Church through the burial and memorialization of the Catholic faithful, and as warranted, those with a catholic affiliation. It serves as a witness of the church's compassion for the living and Reverence for the dead.

The cemetery is a sacred place and is due all the honor and respect given to a church building itself. It is God's acre. Unbecoming behavior, dress and language are not to be tolerated. Picnicking, or similar gatherings, are also inappropriate for the sacred character of cemetery grounds.


Cemetery Rules

The following rules are subject to change as circumstances warrant.

  • The possession of firearms on cemetery property is strictly prohibited.
  • Children under the age of sixteen not permitted unless accompanied by an adult.
  • No pets allowed nor will pets be buried in cemetery under any circumstances.
  • Rules for Decorations, Flowers and Planting.
  1. Effective November 1, 2015 —No more than two decorations per grave. The cemetery reserves the right to remove and discard any excess for the overall maintenance and appearance of the cemetery.
  2. No planting of flowers or shrubs on private lots, no shepherd hooks, votive lights, solar lights, benches, eternal flames, balloons or other unsightly grave decorations permitted nor or they appropriate.
  3. Vases that are attached to a grave marker are permitted as long as they are not in the way of lawn equipment. Due to the nature of bronze vases the cemetery is not responsible for theft or damage under any circumstances whatsoever.
  4.  The installation of stone vases on a monument is discouraged as they are fragile The cemetery is not liable for the condition of vases or any damage to them. If a stone vase is used it must have a drain hole.
  5.  After interment, flowers will remain on graves for two week-ends after burial before removal.
  6. Flowers and all grave decorations will be removed periodically by cemetery personnel, as follows: on  the second Wednesday of each month except December and January.